Bad Weather Line

The Development Centre bad weather line

Telephone Number : 07593 619039

If the weather is bad, please ring our wet weather line by 9.30am to see if the Development Centre is open.

Please always ensure your child has warm clothing and rain protection in bad weather.

The decision to cancel the Development Centre is always made with the safety of the children in mind.

A message will be placed on the Wet Weather Information Line no later than 9.30am each Sunday explaining if the Centre is open or not.

Occasionally we will cancel the “Cubs” group depending on conditions as the youngest children are most susceptible to bad weather.

Please do not leave a message as we cannot guarantee it will be attended to.

If training is on please still ensure that children are appropriately dressed for the conditions and always bring shin pads and a non carbonated drink with them. In cold weather a woolly hat is also recommended as children lose the majority of body heat through the head and due to their size can get cold.

If you have any questions please feel free to speak to one of our coaches.